Emily Rose Professional Dog Training In East Midlands

With over 20 years of Rottweilers in my life (hence why so many appear on my page) I am currently owned by two Rottie Bitches, both are rescues who are trained in various sports and compete in Obedience, and my newest addition, a young Malinois.
I am currently also an approved assistance dog trainer for Veterans With Dogs, which is a volunteer role and hugely rewarding.

My Girls

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I don’t think I’ve ever posted anything about my own dogs on here, (some people are adamant that I should

UKCSD Accredited Scent and Tracking Instructor
Professional Detection Dog handler
Approved Assistance Dog Trainer for Veterans With Dogs.
Secure Private Venue
Fully Insured
“Every day struggles” (Loose Lead Walking, Recalls, Stays etc)
Scent work
Passive Indications
Confidence building games for fearful/nervous dogs
All dogs Welcome

These sessions are suited to your specific needs and we can cover a variety of skills and training ;

Stop jumping up
Behaviour in the home
Calmness and responsiveness
Confidence building
Lead work
General obedience
Trick Training
Agility Training
1-2-1 Dog Training
Puppy Classes
Training undertaken in your home
Recall Training
Loose Lead Walking
Obedience Training
Pulling on the Lead
Over Excitability
Tracking training
Scent training
Trick training
Introduction to Hoopers

We're all going slightly hoopy....

And much more just give Emily a call on O7598 460405