The newest dog sport to take the nation by storm


There’s a hot new dog-sport hitting the East Midlands Canine Hoopers

You should see just how much fun it is for both dogs and handlers

Coming over the next couple of months, Hoopers Taster Days, and Level 1 Beginners Course.

Dates will be posted ASAP. The weather is not in our favour at the moment!

Hoopers is an agility style sport that is low impact on your dogs joints. Suitable for all ages and all types.

**Intro to Hoopers**

Summer Solstice Special!
1-2-1 Hoopers Introductions £25.00
A great way to come along and find out what Hoopers is all about. Perfect for the not so sociables
Available until the end of June.

Starting Sunday 1st May 12.30pm
Starting Sunday 8th May 12.30 pm

Intro to Hoopers £30.00
Duration approx 1.5 hours

Dogs attending Hoopers must have a basic level of obedience and be able to work around others.

Dates for Intros for the not so sociables 


**Level 1 Hoopers**

Level One course 6 weeks.
Starting Sunday 22nd May 12.30pm
£100.00 including assessment  

**Level 2 Hoopers**

Starting Saturday 7th May 12.30pm
6 week progression course
£100.00 including assessment

**Level 3 Hoopers**

Dates to be added

**Level 4 Hoopers**

Dates to be added

**Level 5 Hoopers**

Dates to be added

**Level 6 Hoopers**

Dates to be added


What is Hoopers?

Hoopers is a fun dog sport that’s ideal for dogs and owners of all ages and fitness levels.

Dogs navigate a course of hoops, barrels and tunnels with the same pace and excitement of agility, but the courses are flowing and don’t involve tight turns - making it accessible for everyone.

Hoopers is focussed on the ability of dog and handler to work together as a smooth flowing team so it’s a great bonding activity too.

CHW is a non competitive organisation which has progress levels to work towards

*Any missed sessions during a block booking of puppy/adolescent/Hoopers or scent will not be reimbursed or separate 1-2-1 offered.

Little Meg…a very nearly 13 year old rescue who’s completely stone deaf, came out to play today as the weather was perfect for her…this little dog never stops smiling when she’s working, and wagged and woofed her way to a perfect Level One. Posing like a L’Oreal advert for her photo

This boy and his mum absolutely knocked me for 6 today. It was only his 2nd week back (enforced Hoopers break because of ground safety and weather) and I put the level 2 course out to see what we needed to work on. They aced it…foot perfect. Not even a chance to get the phone out! Team Bramble and Tanya!

£10.00 = 1 x hoopers flat packed pickup

£55.00 = 6 x hoopers flat packed pickup

£55.00 = 6 x hoopers flat packed £15.00 postage = total £70.00

UK mainland only