The newest dog sport to take the nation by storm


There’s a hot new dog-sport hitting the East Midlands Canine Hoopers 

You should see just how much fun it is for both dogs and handlers

Coming over the next couple of months, Hoopers Taster Days, and Level 1 Beginners Course.

Dates will be posted ASAP. The weather is not in our favour at the moment!

Hoopers is an agility style sport that is low impact on your dogs joints. Suitable for all ages and all types.

Emily Rose professional dog training.

The Fun Hoopers Classes are held in a secure field 

(approx 3.5 acres )That is based in Moorgreen (NG16)

Nottingham, situated approximately 5mins between J26 ( Ikea) and J27 M1

Give Emily a call for next class start dates!!! 

Heard of Hoopers and not sure what it is? Never heard of Hoopers but would like to try something different with your dog?

Hoopers is a fun dog sport that’s ideal for dogs and owners of all ages and fitness levels. Courses consist of hoops, barrels and tunnels, but the courses are flowing and don’t involve tight turns - making it accessible for everyone, with progress awards to earn along the way

To pay for the hoopers class £15.00 click PayPal button and fill in form below as limited places 

What’s going on Emily Rose Dog training
Puppy 1-2-1’s
6 x 30 min sessions
More dates for Puppy classes soon just send me an email
Intro to Hoopers
Saturday 8th August 1.30pm
4 places only
A chance to come along, see what it’s all about and have fun with your dog

Limited 1-2-1 spaces midweek

Struggling with being dragged around and wish walks could be more pleasant? Loose Lead Walking Session Tuesday 11th August. 1pm 4 places only. £20.00 NG162FD
Moorgreen NG16

Known as the 'Good Hoopers Awards', the four levels are Puppy, Bronze, Silver and Gold. There are also a range of shows and competitions available to attend across the UK, the dates of which are available via the Hoopers website

£10.00 = 1 x hoopers flat packed pickup

£55.00 = 6 x hoopers flat packed pickup

£55.00 = 6 x hoopers flat packed £15.00 postage = total £70.00

UK mainland only